We are fortunate to have a relatively large home in which to raise our family and bullies. It sits on 35 acres, and our neighbors 200 acres that we call our hobby farm. In  the spring of 2010 we decided to build what what we called a "nursery" but friends and family call our "Puppy Palace"! This is where our females and weaned babies spend the majority of their time. Of course, they are still allowed in the house to visit. Our girls are ALWAYS in our home (day and night) while pregnant to keep a close eye on them and momma and puppies continue to be our home around the clock till they reach weaning age at which time the relocate to the Puppy Palace. Here have room to run and play with indoor and outdoor runs heating and A/C epoxy coated floors for easy disinfecting ect. 
Thomas, works for Airgas Inc. where he is works in sales & delivery of Industerial and Medical Gases as well as Safety Supplies. He has been with the company since 2000. Prior to that, we owned a demolition business that took us cross country for the 4 years of our marriage, during which time we lived in Las Vegas, NV and Loveland CO before returning to our home state of Missouri to raise our family in 2000.

I (Melanie) am a Flight, Ground and SWAT Paramedic.  I have a Bachelors in Medical Science and am hoping to re-enroll in a PA program in the near Future.  I also Own and manage 3 Businesses (including our bulldogs). Bulldogs have become my passion however unfortunately they do not come with insurance and a retirement plan. 
Our Family is very active in sports. Both in High School it keeps us busy running to games and practices. Wiley plays Baseball and Basketball, Mckayla plays Softball, Basketball and runs Track.  

​They both play on traveling sports team. Wiley plays on a showcase baseball team which takes him out of the state every weekend from Memorial weekend thru the first of August.  

McKayla plays on a team that luckily only travels to our neighboring states. 

Needless to say, between the two of them they keep us busy---But it's well worth it!

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We are you typical middle class family, Thomas and I have been married since Jan 1997 and we have 2 wonderful children Wiley Kade (born 08/1998) and McKayla Renea' (born 03/2000). Along with our 5 beautiful BULLDOGS we have a Royal Python named "Jake", 2 horses and aprox. 70 head of cattle.

Our Heart 2 Yours English Bulldogs is committed to offering some of the most beautiful English bulldogs available for sale. 

If you are thinking about getting one, look no further....... you have come to the right place. We have created an easy, fast and safe way for you to locate one of the best family companions you could ever ask for. We take pride in our Bulldogs and try hard to place them good homes and with loving families.  

Most of our puppy’s foundation bloodlines come from some of the most well known breeders, from only the most Elite Show Bulldog Kennels in Europe and Russia.  We have successfully worked with these few Elite breeders for several years now and have watched their program produce many Multi Championed bulldog babies. It is thru their knowledge (obtained by years of breeding success shown in their Multiple Champion Title breedings) that we confidently advertise our puppies as being “Healthy, Multi Championed babies with big heads, wide chests, beautiful wrinkles and great temperments.” During this time some of these breeders have taken time out of their day/night to discuss their breeding stratigies and explain the benefits of  their foundation lines and breedings. Over the years we have been able to aquire a couple males and females of their breedings to compliment their work and our program. With the assistance and knowledge of this small number of breeders whom have earned Elite Status among the showing community we are able to provide you with not only outstanding bloodlines but also very lovely, high quality and healthy puppies. These few breeders we work with well known all over the world, breed only genetically clean dogs, stand behind the quality of their bulldogs and they provide and comply with RKF, and FCI Kennel Regulations. These Elite Breeders include Lemonvom Show Bulldogs, Stardust Bulldogs, Kinibox Bulldogs & Mervander Bulldogs of Europe and Monterey Diamond Show Bulldogs of Russia and Iroc Bulldogs of Canada. Their quality bloodlines and extensive knowledge of the breed has assisted with our success. 

All of our puppies are raised in a loving family environment with lots of socialization among themselves and with our family members and friends. They are provided with exceptional medical care, top quality food (Royal Canin) and are treated like Royalty in our Puppy Palace.  We are very particular about the quality of the puppies and differentiate our program based on that. As the result the puppies are NEVER sold to pet stores, brokers, or to unethical breeders or individuals whom do not pass the adoption Interview. 

Our goal is not just to sell a puppy, but to find a perfect match for them in a home with a loving family and environment  We constantly keep in touch with people whom have purchased from us in the past.  We enjoying hearing their bulldog adventure stories and seeing pictures sent by the members of our “Extended Bulldog Family”.  When you adopt one of our babies, we not only we welcome you as an extended family member, but also we hope to become your friend for life.  

Our goal to provide great satisfaction, exceeding our customer’s expectations pays off; around 50% of our business is referrals, return customers or their friends and family. We work hard to distinguish ourselves from other breeders by providing elite quality and healthy English bulldog puppies to bighearted people.  As an assurance of the quality of our babies, all puppies come with a 1yr health guarantee.  Puppies are shipped or delivered directly from us to you or your closest International airport in US. We can also arrange shipping worldwide upon your request. (Please contact us before placing a deposit if you plan to have your baby shipped outside of the USA as special exportation rules with US customs apply)

Also, we will be glad to provide consultation at any time to the first time or long time bulldog owners at no additional cost to help smoothen the new puppy process or a Stud Service.

Check out our available puppies and make sure to sign up for a newsletter to be notified when new bullies are available. You can also send us a out a request form to let us know what exactly you are looking for.  We know you have a lot of choices, but regardless of whom you decide to work with, we encourage you to browse our web site for more interesting and valuable info.  We believe that the best customer is an educated customer, and we look forward to showing you how easy adopting a top of the line English bulldog can be!!! 

Please keep in mind that we are here to help; therefore, contact us with any questions you may have. There are no set business hours, just remember that we are in MO, on central Standared time (2-3 hours ahead of CA and 2 hours behind NY).  Once advertised nationwide our puppies usually go fast, secure your baby early.

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